Friday, July 17, 2009

3rs Thursday at Posies Rocked!

Last night felt like an amazing culmination of everything I had been working towards coming to fruition, and was a moment of immense pride for me.

From the beginning I had wanted to have live music at the shop, because I thought it would add a nice atmosphere, and because it would add some life to the main strip... I could never seem to get it together in time, until the day that I ran into Ben Thompson at the shop. He lives over on McClelland, and said he was interested in doing some music shows for kids during the day. I thought that might be a good option on our slow days - then he mentioned he would love to do a performance for adults one evening too. I suggested trying out performing for 3rd Thursday when we were having our art opening for April Coppini. It was a deal and match made in heaven... !

Around 5pm things were pretty quiet - we were still installing our new fan system, cleaning up, wondering if it was going to be another quiet evening for Jadah. I noticed several folks seeming to come into the shop with intention (maybe all of our promotion for 3rd Thursday was working?). We started blasting some nice Ella Fitzgerald while Ben and Gabe set up... April arrived with a nice entourage, and some folks wandered in eager to buy a few of her pieces. Around 7pm Gabe started a beautiful set, and with the doors opened wide, and the shop filled with people, more and more folks started wandering in from the street, or pulling over to park and check it out.

Scott and Miranda from Locket2You set up a table in front of my shop and sold their beautiful lockets, and the street was filled with life for the first time in years. I saw what Kenton's entire strip could be, and was filled with pride and excited anticipation for where Kenton is going.

I hope everyone has an opportunity to check it out next month. Ben is going to start performing two shows a week during the day for children (days TBD) and one or two shows in the evening per month (days TBD). He has said he is determined to help Kenton come to life, and will recruit all of his friends in the music scene to start utilizing shops in the neighborhood as music venues on the North Side.

Next month the street should be under construction, but that isn't going to stop 3rd Thursday. Stop by!


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