Thursday, June 25, 2009


I frequently struggle with the fact that my local bank does not open until 10am. Anytime I get up early to start getting errands done, I always find myself having to backtrack to the bank because they don't open until nearly lunch time.

The other day I was taking Anouk to our new nanny-share a couple of miles away, and decided I would ride her over on my bike. Because I didn't want to backtrack on my bike, I decided that I would break the bank rules (and probably parent rules) and take my bike (with baby) through the drive-through because they open a bit earlier at 9am.

We rolled in with just two cars in front of us, so it looked like it should be a quick transaction. The sign said "Single Transactions Only" and so I was sure that everyone had prepared like I had and had their deposit slips ready and cash in hand... or something like that. But of course, the first car had to fill out their entire slip, then there was an error, then they had a few questions, and oh, one more thing... five minutes later, it was the next car's turn. Because this lady seemed annoyed, I was sure she would be quick. But again, I realized it was foolish of me to have such high expectations of the drive-through... she deposited a large check, and it was out of state, so a portion would be on hold. Not all of it is available right away, she's angry, she's wealthy, she wants the teller to know that she has plenty of money to cover this... she threatens to give her personal branch manager a talking to...

I'm really getting frustrated at this point - now she's just talking, not even resolving anything. Anouk is getting antsy, screeching every few minutes, feeling trapped in her bike seat and helmet. I'm bordering on yelling to her to hurry up...

Then suddenly Anouk lifts her two little arms (rolls jiggling), and starts screaming angrily at the top of her lungs the only thing she could think of given she doesn't know any frustrated or angry words:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... TO... YOU!!!" (little baby fists shaking in the air at the car in front)

It was only after she had the courage to shout at the top of her lungs her frustration, and after I heard the woman in the car in front of me now sharing with the teller all of her plans for the day and the weather (now 20 minutes after we got in line), did I finally shout to the woman, "Let's move it, lady!"

Of course, after she left, I was scolded by the teller for riding my bike through the drive-through lane. But because I had waited so long, and because I was a good customer, they would allow it this one time.

In the end, in spite of all of that frustration, it was worth it just to see Anouk with fists clenched shouting with baby frustration the most hilarious line I could think of...

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